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Wild Seeds & Waterhole Lampshade - Aboriginal
Wild Seeds & Waterhole Lampshade - Aboriginal
Wild Seeds & Waterhole Lampshade - Aboriginal
Mesmerizing Blue

Wild Seeds & Waterhole Lampshade - Aboriginal

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100% cotton fabric designed by Indigenous Artist Tanya Price . 

Wild Seeds and Waterhole is an excellent design of Tanya’s motherland, Utopia. Many famous indigenous artists come from Utopia. Modern Aboriginal art started its journey with Jeffrey Brandon, a school teacher who was posted in Utopia to teach artworks to aboriginal children.

Tanya depicts Australia’s wild flowers and wild seeds skilfully, which were blown by wind. People around the area collect the seeds and wash them to get rid of sand and stones. They dry and powder the seeds after washing them. Women sit around the waterhole while they chat and make a tasty bread with the powder and eat it.


20cm width x 20cm height

25cm width x 21cm height

30cm width x 24cm height

35cm width x 24cm height

40cm width x 29cm height

45cm width x 29cm height


AUS/UK/EUR light bulb holder of 29mm or 42mm


table lamp / floor lamp  / ceiling hung  / harp & finial


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