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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your lampshade fit my lamp?
All my lampshades have an original fitting of 42mm width for the European light bulb holder (usually take an E27 light bulb) Each lampshade comes with an adaptor to suit the Australian and UK light bulb holder with a fitting of 29mm ( usually take a B22 or E14 light bulb) Your lamp must have a lampshade holder to secure a lampshade to the lamp. The recess of the fitting inside the lampshade is between 35mm-40mm depth.

Which style should I choose?
Table & Floor lampshade has the fitting at the bottom of the shade, for attachment below the light bulb (most popular lamp here in AUS)- will fit most IKEA style lamp.

Ceiling Hung lampshade has the fitting mounted on top of the shade, for attachment above the bulb. You'll also need a ceiling hung for a certain type of floor or table lamp (see pictures) hence the shade is attached above the light bulb. If you are still unsure, simply send me a picture of your lamp.

What size lampshade do I choose for my lamp?

There is a golden rule that apply to choosing the correct size shade for your lamp but it also depends on your preference and the look you hope to achieve for your lamp. Please refer to the picture below for the correct proportion guide.


Do you have a physical shop I could visit?

Unfortunately, I do not have a physical shop and my home studio is not open to the public at this stage. Please see my list of stockist to see my products in person.

Can you make a lampshade using my own fabric?

Yes. Please email me to discuss the size and style you are hoping for and I will guide you to the amount of material required to make the lampshade.

I have a lampshade already, can you recover my lampshade?

Yes depending on the style of lampshade that you have. Please note that I do not "recover" but will rather "dismantle and rebuild" using the original metal frame to make the new lampshade. Please email me some photos of the inside and outside of the lampshade to discuss.