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Sizing & Guidance


 Below is a guide to help you choose the right size lampshade for your base. If you are still unsure of which size to order, send me some pictures and some measurements of your lamp and I'll be happy to help.

 20cm width x 20cm height : children lamp / very small lamp base

25cm width x 21cm height : small bedside table / small table lamp

30cm width x 24cm height : medium lamp 

35cm width x 24cm height : medium / large lamp / small room ceiling

40cm width x 29cm height : large table lamp / floor lamp / ceiling hung

45cm width x 30cm height : for most floor lamp / very large lamp / ceiling hung

There are a few rules to apply when choosing a lampshade for your lamp but it also depends on your preference, the look you hope to achieve and the space of where the lamp will be in your home. 

If none of the standard sizes above suit, I am happy to custom make a lampshade just for your lamp taller or wider. 



My lampshades will fit  lamps with a Euro Fitting (usually take an E27 light bulb) and also Australian Fitting ( usually take a B22 or E14 light bulb). The other lamp style which is less common here in Australia, is a lamp which has a harp and finial where the lampshade is attached to the lamp base ABOVE the light bulb.


European & Australian Fitting - order "table/floor" for this style of lamp.

USA Fitting ( Harp & Finial ) - order "ceiling hung" for this style of lamp.



Table & Floor
 : the lampshade has the fitting at the bottom of the shade. The lampshade is secured to the lamp on the light bulb holder (most popular lamp here in AUS). This will fit most IKEA style lamp.


Ceiling Hung: the lampshade has the fitting mounted on top of the shade, for attachment above the bulb. You'll also need a ceiling hung for a certain type of floor or table lamp (see pictures below). If you are still unsure, simply send me a picture of your lamp.



A major factor, yet often overlooked aspect of lampshade selection is safety, specifically, heat generation in relation to shade size. Higher wattage bulbs generate greater amount of heat and require more ventilation, which mean larger or wider lampshade must be used. Very simply, the higher the wattage, the larger the shade.

All of lampshades are lined with a fire retardant material to comply with Australian fire safety standards.  It is recommend that you use low energy light bulb ; 40W max. for smaller lampshades and 60W max. for larger lampshades (LED are best)